With PinvoiceR, paying your workforce is easy and streamlined, whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees. The platform includes onboarding, online timesheets, and an employee portal, making it easy to manage payroll efficiently and accurately.

Employee Onboarding

Easily onboard your new employees with 2 factor protection for enhanced security.

Employee Portal

Self-service online employee portal provides easy access to pay slips, updating details and submitting timesheets

Online Timesheets

Seamless submission of online timesheets by employees, which can be easily approved by client managers

CRM & HRIS Integrations

Integrations with CRM & HRIS systems allow for seamless workforce management, reducing the need for manual data entry..

Multiple Payroll Entities

Simplifies managing payroll for multiple entities by allowing users to set up separate payrolls within the same system

Pay Rules & Interpretation

Create custom pay and interpretation rules that automate payroll processing, saving time and reducing errors.

If you're tired of ground-hog day in your back office, let's chat about how PinvoiceR can help you streamline your workforce management.

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