About Us

About Us

Payroll. Invoicing. Reporting.

Are you frustrated as you have a great front-end CRM system, but a back office that's a bottleneck? By the time you get reports on revenue and workforce costs, it's already outdated.

Well this sounds all too familiar as it used to be us!

After searching for a year or two, we discovered that many systems could handle payroll and invoicing separately. However, we couldn't find a solution that seamlessly integrated the two processes and provided us with a clear view of our business operations.

That's why we developed a growth platform that enables businesses to easily manage their payroll and invoicing processes in one place. With our solution, you can effortlessly pay your workforce and bill your customers for the services they receive, all while gaining real-time insights into your business performance.

So, if you're tired of ground-hog day in your back office, let's chat about how PinvoiceR can help you streamline your workforce management.

What we Solve

At PinvoiceR, we understand that paying a workforce  and billing customers are two of the most critical aspects of running a business.

Often as a business grows, the back office processes in place can’t keep up, resulting in unhappy staff and customers.

We believe that with our platform, businesses can grow more efficiently and effectively by automating tedious tasks, gaining real-time insights into their operations, and optimising their resources to focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Typical Use Case

Jenny is the CFO of a medium-sized business in Melbourne, and she was facing a significant bottleneck in her company's payroll and customer billing processes. She was struggling to keep up with the growing number of employees and customers, which was leading to unhappy staff and delayed payments.

She knew that she needed a solution that could automate these tedious tasks and give her real-time insights into the company's financial operations.

That's when she discovered PinvoiceR. With PinvoiceR, Jenny was able to streamline her company's payroll and invoicing processes. The platform's automation features helped her reduce errors and save time, allowing her to focus on more strategic tasks.

Thanks to PinvoiceR, Jenny's company now has a platform for growth that can scale as the business expands.